About us

Great products for great people

mySCADA Technologies is a Czech company which was founded in 2009. Since then, we have been developing and producing software and hardware solutions for industrial automation. 

We are focusing on bringing a reliable and versatile system, which is able to control and monitor manufacturing processes easily. Our system increases the production while decreasing costs thanks to the general overview which helps to detect failures and bottlenecks. 

The system is developed to be simple to use for employees in the factory. Each worker is able to find the required information meant for them. It is one system for the entire factory.

How does it exactly work?

1. The data are collected from the PLCs.

2. The visualization is drawn in myDESIGNER and used with myPRO, myBOX or myMOBILE on PCs, notebooks, servers, or smart devices.

3. Collected and structured data are the perfect foundation for smart decisions and strategies (myREPORTS).

See more about our products and successes in the field of industrial automation here: https://www.myscada.org/.

We are also engaged in home automation with our product mySMART HOUSE. See more at http://www.smarthouse.cloud/