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myHOME – Home and Building Automation System. Most advanced visualisation on the market for Raspberry PI.

Control your smart home, simply, effectively and with maximum comfort. Unlike other home automation products, myHOME was designed with flexibility and maximum extendibility in mind. You can expect first class functions in myHOME package.

myHOME is based on a central unit, this is your home’s brain. The central unit can control lights in your house, open your garage door, watch your house when you are not home, and help you save money by optimising lighting level efficiency, cut heating and cooling energy costs.

You can control your home from your mobile phone, tablet, computer, smart television either at home or when you are away.

myHOME Central

myHOME central point is Raspberry PI or Raspberry PI 2 loaded with myHOME software. Create your HMI in freely available myPROJECT Designer, download it to your Raspberry PI and have complete control over your house in no time.

Completely WEB Based

myHOME is committed to web standards such as HTML5, JavaScript and SVG. Use any web browser, no plugins requires. Control your house from any location just by using a web browser on your PC, tablet, smart phone or even a televison.

Fair Price

We play fair. You can freely evaluate myHOME by downloading a fully functional system (limited only by size of your project) and test complete functionality. When you are 100% satisfied, you can acquire a license. Our pricing is always for a complete product including all the options – no limits. Complete myHOME Package costs just 39 EUR.